The Most Effective Ways to Do Tree Trimming in Denver CO

Planting new trees on a landscape can add beauty and value to real estate. Choosing the right tree species to plant and planting it in a good place can be tricky. There should be professional assistance by an arborist. Home owners may find it beneficial to plant trees where they provide shade from sunlight in the day. They can prevent beaming, blinding sunlight from shining in through windows. Trees on the north side of a house can block icy wind in the winter. Trees planted near overhead utility lines should be short flowering trees. Utility lines can mutilate tall trees. Trees that shed their leaves in the winter won’t block the way of warming sunlight. A home owner should know why they want to plant trees in certain areas. Some reasons for planting trees is for privacy, shade, windbreak and aesthetic enhancements.

Tree Trimming in Denver CO should be done certain times of the year. Light pruning to remove dead wood can be done as needed. A home owner should consult with an arborist first to see if the tree species has special tree trimming needs. Winter pruning is the most beneficial time for most trees. An arborist trims down and cuts branches that can obstruct growth of the healthiest limbs. Tree trimming in Denver CO is also done to balance out the weight of trees. This improves structural integrity. The main reason for pruning in the winter is that it supports robust new growth in the spring. Winter trimming should be completed after the most frigid temperatures are gone.

Here is the proper way to prune trees. In professional tree trimming service, an arborist from Arnoldos Tree Service will visually inspect the tree from top to bottom. No more than 1/4 of a tree’s crown is removed annually. The primary side branches of a tree should remain at least 1/3 smaller than the trunk’s diameter. Deciduous trees with broad leaves should not be pruned from the bottom up more than 1/3 of the tree’s height. Defective parts are removed first. The best leader and later branches should be pruned first, then the rest of the tree pruned to its desired form.

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