Leave Tree Removal in St. Paul MN to the Professionals

Dead or dying trees on your property can be a sad experience; trees that have stood for years and were perhaps a part of your original landscape plan now have to be dealt with for a final time. Tree Removal in St. Paul MN is often a necessity and can always be dangerous. This is why professional removal experts should be consulted. They will have the experience to assess the tree and how best to deal with its removal. They will also have the tools and equipment required for the job as well as trained climbers and tree care specialists with a great deal of experience.

If it isn’t removed properly, a tree can pose a serious threat to surrounding structures, adjacent landscaping elements, and even overhead wires. This is not a project for amateurs or do-it-yourselfers. Even with adequate planning, the actual Tree Removal in St. Paul MN can be daunting, especially if the tree is of exceptional size. This always creates extra challenges and, at times, a crane will need to be brought in to assure that the tree is downed with as little risk as possible.

Once the tree has been safely taken down, the Tree Removal in St. Paul MN professionals will come in and begin the removal process. The tree will be broken down and the remaining debris will be hauled away to an acceptable dumping site. At this point, tree care experts will be called in to begin the required stump grinding process. When it has been completed, the shavings can be removed and replaced with topsoil for an additional charge.

If you have had to have a tree removed because it was either dead or dying, you should take advantage of the expertise of the Tree Removal in St. Paul MN specialists by having them do a thorough inspection of the remainder of your foliage. If it was a disease that took out your tree, that same disease may be affecting others, and they will need to be treated before they suffer a similar fate. The experts can also look for any dead or diseased limbs that may pose a falling threat which could do serious damage or bodily harm.

For over two decades Timberline Tree Service has been sharing their expertise and skills with the surrounding communities. They are licensed, certified, and insured, and can offer you a free estimate for any work you need done.

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