Hiring an Arborist Atlanta GA – What Property Owners Must Know

Trees improve the appearance of a landscape. When a small problem crops up with a tree, the property owner may do the necessary work. If the problem is big though, it is best to call in the services of an arborist. Trees are very complex organisms and most property owners don’t understand the unique challenges trees face. Pests, disease, storm damage, weather and age can all do serious harm to a tree if it isn’t properly cared for. For this reason, it is best to call an arborist to have the tree examined by a professional if an issue develops.

An arborist in Atlanta GA differs from a gardener in that he or she has received formal training in the caring of trees, the planting of trees and maintaining individual trees. Arborists work to fertilize, prune and brace trees when needed. They also protect the roots, eliminate pests and install lightning protection when needed. To ensure you get a qualified arborist, check with a professional arborist organization and ensure the arborist participates in continuing education opportunities as you want them to be up to date on the latest methods and technologies.

An arborist will never remove a tree until all other options have been exhausted. He or she won’t use climbing spikes as these can damage a tree and the arborist won’t top a tree unless he or she can provide a health, legal or safety reason for taking this step. Ask questions before you hire an arborist so you know what to expect before any work is done. Some things cannot be reversed and you don’t want to find this out when it is too late to make corrections.

The arborist should be able to provide proof of insurance. This insurance protects the home owner in the event a person is injured or property is damaged during the work of the arborist. Verify the insurance policies with the carriers and request something in writing which states the insurance will be in effect when the work is completed. Have this written into a contract along with details of the job and the time frame of the job.

Trees are of great importance to humans. Not only do they provide shade and prevent the loss of top soil, they add beauty to life. Make sure any arborist you choose works to enhance the benefits received from these natural resources.

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