Frequently Asked Questions About Air Conditioner Maintenance

To keep your air conditioner running as efficiently as possible, the manufacturer recommends that you perform regular maintenance on your unit. To make sure that your system runs effectively and lasts as long as possible, read the frequently asked questions below about regular maintenance by A certified specialists.

Q.) What type of maintenance does a technician perform on an air conditioner?

A.) When you contact a technician for regular air conditioner maintenance in St Louis, the technician will inspect and clean various components of your unit including the coils, motor, fan and compressor. The technician will lubricate the unit and add refrigerant if the level is down. Other types of maintenance include an inspection of the wiring system, controls, drain and circuit boards.

Q.) What can a homeowner do to help maintain an air conditioner?

A.) Inspect the air filter and change it when it becomes filled with dirt and dust. When running your air conditioner daily, check your air filter once every month and put in a new one if necessary. Periodically check the outside of your unit and sweep away dirt, debris or leaves that are close to the unit. If your system isn’t getting the correct amount of airflow around the outside, it won’t run as efficiently, and it may overheat. Use a water hose to clean off the dirt that collects on the top of the unit and on the fan blades.

Q.) How often should maintenance be performed by a certified technician?

A.) A cooling unit should be maintained by A certified specialists once every year before the unit is turned on for the season. If there are any repairs that need to be made, the technician can fix them before you need to run your system. By contacting an experienced technician before you need to use your unit for a maintenance check, you won’t have to worry about your system needing repairs during the hot days in the summer.

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