Carpet Cleaning in Coeur D’Alene

To those not involved in the business, carpet cleaning sounds very much like a straightforward, trouble-free process. However, this is far from the truth. Cleaning professionals are well aware that they are going to be asked may probing questions by customers, issues that may even fall outside the services they provide. There are various carpet cleaning methodologies, where they should be used, and what is the expected outcome of each.

A popular approach to carpet cleaning is what many people refer to as “steam cleaning.” This term is a misnomer. If live steam were to be used, it would be far too hot for carpet fibers. The carpets would be damaged, perhaps beyond repair, just like a wool sweater shrinks when subjected to extremely hot water. What is commonly called “steam cleaning” is really “hot water” extraction cleaning. A machine, either truck-mounted or manual, sprays heated water onto the carpet, while at the same time, sucking up the water and extracted dirt. By adding mild cleaning agents to the hot water, it is possible to get better results. However, carpet cleaning experts will take the type of carpet into account before they use a cleaning agent.

Equipment used for hot-water extraction varies from small rental units to large, truck-mounted equipment. Truck-mounted equipment is the preferred choice of professionals, it is considerably more effective for cleaning and sanitizing. Truck-mounted equipment is not only more efficient in terms of results and speed; the more powerful suction helps to dry the carpet out faster, allowing for the return of the room quicker. Manufacturers of quality carpeting prefer that their product is cleaned via hot-water extraction. The dirt which is embedding deep in the carpet pile is removed, eliminating abrasion that causes fiber breakdown and premature wear.

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