Questions to Ask a Potential Housecleaning Service

by | Mar 5, 2018 | Cleaning

In today’s modern world, house cleaning help is no longer a perk of only the ultra-wealthy. More and more people are choosing to use these services to get a beautifully maintained home. It can save you plenty of time and allow you to better enjoy the home you live in. But before you choose one of the many cleaning services in Bellevue, make sure you ask the following questions.

1. How Are Your Rates Set?

In many cases, cleaning is done at an hourly rate for the first visit. However, some charge by the number of cleaners sent or the project type. Ask about an estimate on how long cleaning your home will take. You should be able to get a rate for further visits based on what you need and when you need it.

2. Are You Insured and Bonded?

Any professional cleaning company will have liability insurance bond in case something happens while they are at your home. This can give you peace of mind while the cleaners are there, especially if you will not be present. It’s a good idea to also let the service know about any items that need specialized care.

3. Are Cleaning Supplies and Equipment Provided?

Many cleaning services in Bellevue do provide their own equipment and supplies. Some provide only the equipment and expect you to have the supplies ready. If you find they provide supplies but you are not satisfied with them, see if you can substitute your own. Many companies offer environmentally-friendly cleaners, as well, so ask if those are possible.

4. How Will You Access My Home?

You can choose to place a key under your mat and have the cleaner leave it inside when done, provide access via a keypad, or be home during the cleaning. Speak with the cleaner to make sure both of you are comfortable with the method chosen.

5. What Services Are Included?

Find out what common services are typical on a regular visit. If you only want a housekeeper for the major jobs, let them know that. The choices you may can affect the price of the services.

6. How Long Has the Company Been Operating?

Determine how long the company has been around, as well as how long employees typically stay. A company that is very new or constantly employing new people may not be the best place to choose.

Choose What’s Right for You

At Rain City Maids offer many cleaning options for those in Bellevue and the surrounding areas. We strive to be the best cleaning service around and will go the extra mile for you. If you’d like to learn more about our company or our services, you can reach us by phone at 425-678-3739.

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