Planting, feeding and watering your young Avocado Tree

The avocado, native to the southern areas of Mexico, is an evergreen tree that thrives in tropical or Mediterranean climates, fertile soil and plenty of sunshine. Although adult trees are reasonably tough, young avocado trees need some care and attention to make sure that they survive. Following is a guide to the planting, feeding, and watering of your young Avocado Tree.

Where to plant — plant your young tree in the right spot and it will stay healthy. Avocados like sandy, loamy, well-drained soil with a little protection from strong winds. While they can grow in semi-shade, it is best to plant them in full sunlight to ensure maximum fruit production. Since their shallow root systems have to compete with other plants, make sure to leave at least 20 feet of growing space around the bottom of your young tree.

Fertilizer — when your tree is about a year old, start feeding it a multipurpose fertilizer four times per year. If its leaves start to yellow, it means that it is lacking iron. This can be treated with chelated foliar spray with iron. Avoid using fertilizers that have high levels of nitrogen, as it can burn the young tree’s roots.

Watering — proper watering is exceptionally important for the health of a young avocado tree. When the weather is hot, water the ground around the tree twice per week with about 3 to 10 gallons of water every time. The soil should be thoroughly soaked, but not over-watered since this could lead to root rot, a disease that could result in the plant dying. Give the soil time to dry out each time before watering again. You can check the moisture level of the ground by taking a handful of soil and squeezing it. The soil has sufficient moisture if the soil holds together, but if it crumbles apart, then it’s time for more watering.

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