The Primary Benefits of Using Vent-free Gas Logs for Your Home’s Heating

A fireplace can be a valuable asset during the cold months of winter. It provides you with a low-cost way to heat your home. It also helps you save on your gas and electric bills during one of the most expensive times of the year.

However, wood logs can cause excess smoke to build up in your home. When you want to maximize the heat that your fireplace gives off without letting smoke accumulate in the house, you can take advantage of the benefits of vent free gas logs.

No Open Flue

When you use vent free gas logs, you do not have to open the flue on your fireplace. With regular wood logs, you have to keep the flue open. The flue provides an escape for excess smoke that the wood logs generate.

However, the flue also lets heat escape, which can make your house chillier than it would be if you keep off the central heat or furnace. You may even have to turn the heater on in order to keep the rest of the place warm enough. You do not reap the full benefits of your fireplace.

The vent free logs do not require the flue to be open, however. The warmth that they generate goes into the room further and makes it less necessary for you to turn on the heater or furnace.

Excess Gas Burning

The vent free logs also burn up the gas that they generate. They do not emit poisonous gas into the air. In this aspect, they are safer to burn than regular wood logs.

You can find out more about using vent free gas logs for your fireplace this winter online. Contact to discover what the logs look like and what benefits they can offer.

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