Tips in Choosing Outdoor Post Lighting for Your Lawn or Yard

by | Nov 22, 2019 | Home and Garden

Summer nights are always best spent outdoors. It is all about dinners and beer drinking with friends while waiting for the barbecue to be ready. But how can you fully enjoy such clear nights if your outdoor post lighting is inefficient?

Not all outdoor posts are the same. Some are created to add beauty to your garden while some are added to improve the ambiance. Some are also created to provide excellent lighting while some are created with everything you needed from an outdoor light post. Here are some tips in choosing the best ones though.

Consider Ambient, Accent, and Functionality

When picking an outdoor wall post, check if it comes with these three things! Look for a lighting post that will blend in with your back yard. Don’t put a light post that looks light it was out of place. When you add a light post, it should serve as additional security for the entire property. It shouldn’t just provide light for your barbecue nights, it should keep the pathway and the driveway well-lighted as well.

Plan and Make Measurement

Should you go for a 10-inch white acrylic lamp post or a 12-inch bronze acrylic cube post? There is a small difference in the sizes of these two but remember that the size can make an aesthetic difference. The placement of your lamp post also affects its overall look. To get daily updates on outdoor lighting, Follow on Facebook.

Choose LED

The lamppost with LED lights is more efficient. If you will leave your outdoor posts on an entire night, then make sure it is using LED light bulbs. LED light bulbs are also maintenance-free, so you only have to replace it once it is out.

There are different types of outdoor post lighting online and if you want the best, you can pick from the selections of Lamp Post Globes. You can also check their websites.

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