Obtaining Help From Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA

by | Sep 20, 2018 | Pest Control

When carpenter ants are noticed inside of a home, eradicating these pests quickly becomes necessary so they do not cause structural damage. Many people will contact one of the Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA to assist with the removal of these insects. In addition, try some of the following tactics to eliminate carpenter ants and keep them from returning to the interior of a home again in the future.

Eliminate Water Sources

Carpenter ants thrive in areas where moisture is abundant. The usually hole themselves up in wet wood and will remain in these locations throughout the wintertime months only to emerge again when warmer weather arrives. Avoid providing a spot for ants to hibernate by drying any moist exterior wood within your home. This will require fixing of gutters that leak and handling plumbing problems so water does not continue to saturate construction materials.

Use Powder To Deter Ants

Ants tend to stay away from powdery or chalky substances. Consider drawing a line of chalk underneath doors to keep ants from slipping underneath. Sprinkle talc in areas where carpenter ants were noticed in the past to keep them from returning to their old hangouts. Food grade diatomaceous earth works well at drying out the exoskeletons of parasites and insects, including ants. This fine powder is natural and will not cause harm to people or pets.

Do Regular Cleaning And Checking

It is important to keep up with the cleaning of your home on a regular basis. Ants will stay in spots where they have food available without difficulty to obtain it. If you fail to remove crumbs, ants will remain in the household. During cleaning sessions, check for signs that ants are still lurking. Carcasses, trails of crumbs, or damaged wood or drywall are tell-tale signs. Contact a pest control service to do an evaluation if signs are noticed.

If there is a need for Ants Control Services in Alexandria VA, finding the right business to handle the job is important. Browse the site to find out more about the services offered and call to make an appointment for an inspection of the home.

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