Which Tools Do You Need to Start a Garden?

There’s a sense of satisfaction that you can get when you see your garden start to come together. If you love gardens and decide that you need one in your life, then some of the most essential things that you need to have on hand are some basic tools.


The spade is one of the most essential tools you need to have if you want to get started on your garden. You use it to dig up holes in densely planted garden beds.


Need to trim a bit of the grass around your tree trunks? You can count on a good pair of sturdy shears to handle the job. It’s also effective for beheading stubborn weeds, removing dead flowers, or pruning a few of your plants.

Garden Fork

You use this to turn and cultivate unbroken soil. It makes it easy to break up those clumps or to lift bulbs and perennials out of the ground if you need to transplant them elsewhere.

Hand Weeder

Typically designed as a thin and sharp blade, gardeners rely on a hand weeding tool to eliminate weeds from garden beds. Those with long handles allow you to easily reach into the ground, even without kneeling or bending, CobraHead says. Thus, they’re much more convenient to use and kinder on your knees and back.


You can’t forget about leaves when you have a garden. That, along with grass clippings and other types of debris, can overtake your garden. Using a rake to clear up the twigs and leaves can keep that space neat and tidy.


You’re going to be planting shrubs or picking up leaves and debris. Thorny plants and insect bites are just a few of the things you’ll have to worry about, so wear proper gardening gloves for protection.

Use this as a checklist for the tools you need to get your garden started. Good luck!

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