Various Types And Designs Of Insulated Refrigerator Doors

The most important component of any walk in refrigerator is the door, it must be built in such a way that it performs well, is efficient and fits the physical needs of the cooler installation. Well designed and manufactured refrigerator insulated doors in California must have several attributes:

  • Provide an airtight seal

  • Closes completely every time, and

  • Resistant to sagging

Insulated doors are made to accommodate a number of different applications. The designs available include standard swing, horizontal slide, vertical lift; bi-parting horizontal slide and glass are common.

  • Standard: Standard doors, supported on a pair of hinges are designed and manufactured in two variants; overlap and flush fit; they are available in widths of up to five feet. These doors are used on both refrigerators and freezers and can be installed either inside a building or outside. The wide doors are ideal when pallet jacks are used to load and unload the contents.

  • Horizontal slide: A standard door needs at least as much room in front of its width, a five foot wide door must have five foot minimum in front otherwise it can’t open. This problem is eliminated by installing a horizontal sliding door. As this type of door is often used for extremely wide openings, up to 20 feet, it can be equipped with an electric opener.

  • Vertical lift: Vertical lift refrigerator insulated doors in California are ideal when space on the side and the front is limited or when there are multiple doors in close proximity.

  • Bi-parting: Similar to a typical horizontal sliding door except one half opens to the right while the other half opens to the left. These doors are ideal where forklifts are employed as they open and close quickly.

  • Glass: Of course, glass doors are of no interest in warehouses but they are invaluable in retail operations. The key to effective retailing is seeing the product, the wider the door the better.

These and other designs of refrigerator insulated doors in California are ideal for both new installations and replacement in the event of damage.

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