Maximize Your Product Display

Humans are visual creatures. Place something at eye level and the mind subconsciously processes it, registering whatever was glimpsed and committing it to memory. Taking it a step further, if what the mind processes is visually appealing, a person is very likely to not only commit the image to memory, but to investigate further. It’s a basic principle used in the marketing profession, and can be easily transferred to a retail space. All that’s needed is the proper equipment to maximize product display, while fitting seamlessly into the existing business model.

Gravity Flow Shelving System

Often seen in supermarkets holding goods such as milk, juice, soda or beer, these shelving systems are the missing piece to most retailers display needs. The system itself is simple; a tall rolling frame equipped with dividers allows products to sit at eye level with consumers. Optional drop in rollers, product stoppers, and shelf liners can be applied in order to allow products to dispense themselves. The units also come with removable wheels, allowing for permanent or variable product placement throughout a retail space.

Choosing a Product

The gravity flow system alone isn’t enough to drive customers through the checkout lane; choosing the right products to highlight is half the battle. For example, when installing gravity flow shelving systems in California, such as in a grocery store, a storeowner would be wise to highlight perishable items, such as tropical fruit juices. By placing a system near checkout lanes, a storeowner can catch the eye of consumers ripe for an impulse buy. Tropically themed fruit juice is a common item in Californian’s lives, so consumers are likely to not think twice before purchasing. Combine this with the fact the perishable merchandise is in a high purchasing area, the quick turnover can help reduce waste. In an application like this, the gravity flow shelving system is successfully used to highlight a product in a way that saves the store money, while also pushing units. Contact Turn Key Systems, Inc for more details.

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