Bought a Fixer Upper? Your First Steps

Owning a fixer upper and coming up with a repair plan is a massive project, especially if you do not have any experience in the area. Before you jump right in and start gutting your new home, you should recognize that there is a much more organized way of going about the project.

The best way to approach a fixer upper is to first look at the essentials of the home and to determine whether they are salvageable or not. By determining whether you can save things like your roof and siding, you will be able to mitigate the cost of home repairs and restoration.

Start with the Structure of the Home

First and foremost, if the structure of the home is not sound, then any other subsequent repairs will be useless. Therefore, the first thing that you want to tackle after buying a fixer upper is to check the structure of the home. The best way to gauge whether the structure of the home is sound is to look for cracks in the foundation.

If you do have cracks in the foundation, then those cracks can either be surface borne or a result of land movement. If the latter category applies, then you should hire a professional to assess the damage and come up with a repair plan.

The Roof

After you have secured the foundation of your home, you should check the home’s roof. To assess the roof, you should reach out to a roofing in Oklahoma City specialist. The specialist will look for water damages, broken shingles, and sunken areas. If the roofing in Oklahoma City specialist finds any serious problems, they may recommend to you roof replacement. Otherwise, the alternative is to perform minor repairs that will maintain the roof’s functionality.

Home Plumbing

Finally, if you want to have warm water and other necessities in your home, then you should get a professional to assess the state of the home’s plumbing. The professional should look at factors such as water pressure and leakage. If there is a plumbing leak, the professional will recommend that you replace the pipe. This type of repair really is not negotiable since a leaky pipe can lead to water damage elsewhere in your home, thereby causing you to incur higher costs later on.

Overall, by first fixing the most important areas of your fixer upper, you can ensure that your home is structurally sound and habitable.

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