What to Expect From Wood Flooring Refinishing

by | Aug 31, 2015 | Wood Products

After ripping up the carpeting, the homeowner has a pleasant surprise. Hiding under the carpeting is hardwood flooring. While the surface could use a little work, the floor has the potential to be a much better option than new carpeting. Here are some of the things the owner can expect after investing in professional Wood Flooring Refinishing.

Changing the Look of the Rooms

After the Wood Flooring Refinishing is done, the owner will notice that all the furnishings in the space take on a different look. With the carpeting was gone and the beauty of the wood on display for all to see, some of the secondary colors in the upholstery will stand out more prominently. Even little elements like the colors in the wall art will take on a slightly different perspective. In a way, the entire room will have a whole new look.

Cleaning the Space

It will not take long for the homeowner to realize how easy it is to keep properly refinished floors clean. With the aid of a common dust mop, it is possible to go over the entire room in no time. Even waxing the floor will not be all that difficult. That to the seal on the floor, taking care of spills will also be an easy task. For those who are not fond of having to shampoo carpeting or running a vacuum, the change will be welcome.

Changing the Look of the Room

Even with neutral carpeting, there are only so many things that can be done to change the look of a room. Wood flooring is more versatile. If the homeowner likes the idea of dressing rooms based on the season, rest assured the wood flooring will make the task easier. From changing throw pillows to area rugs, the wood will work with just about anything.

For those who make the discovery that there is hardwood flooring under their old carpeting, talk with the team at New York Wood Flooring today. After a quick inspection and determining what must be done to restore the flooring, the work can get underway. Once the floors are done, the owner will be glad that the time and money were invested in making the floors look their best.

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