Items to Consider when Shopping for Palm Trees in Austin

by | Aug 27, 2015 | Home and Garden

The Palm tree is indicative of beach vacation spots. If you want to infuse the yard with the feeling of being in a tropical location, the addition of a palm tree can help. Before investing in the trees, these are a few things to consider about them. After looking at these different aspects, the right type of palm tree can be chosen for the yard.

Palm Trees in Austin can get pretty high when fully grown. Take some time to inquire about the full height of the tree. Then check the areas in the yard where the tree is going to go. Make sure that it is not going to hit overhead power lines once it is at full height. Be aware of any nearby baby trees since the palm tree can also potentially block some of the sunlight of these trees.

Some palm trees like the Mediterranean Palm are actually several trunks connected together. These types of palms grow wider than taller. If considering this type of palm tree, make sure to have enough clearance on all sides so that they can grow out. You may have to clear out bushes or plants that will be impacted by the growth of these trees. Ask about the fully grown width to determine how much area needs to be cleared.

The Palm Trees in Austin also need adequate soil conditions in which to grow. If your soil is not as conducive to supporting these type of trees, you may consider purchasing these trees in planters. Some palm trees are adaptable to planter conditions for the best chance of growth. The advantage of having a planter is that it can also be moved if necessary. Just keep in mind that these trees are heavy and moving them can be difficult.

Palm trees can provide the feeling of being in the tropics. While these trees are often seen on sandy beaches, they are a staple among those trying to recreate that feeling in the yard. Visit Alfaro Tree Sales Inc for more information on which type of palm trees that will work best in the yard.

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