Unique Designs are Possible With Wood Flooring in Manhattan

by | Nov 22, 2016 | Wood Products

The choice of flooring will determine the overall look of a room. Even the most modern furnishings and elegant wall finishes will look inadequate if the flooring is dated or in disrepair. Wood Flooring in Manhattan remains as one of the most luxurious, enduring and beautiful options available despite the numerous other choices for sale today. Anyone hesitating to select wood because they feel it does not offer the variety of tile or other flooring materials has not thoroughly researched what is possible.

Installing at Angles

Wood floors are not always just varying widths of planks attached to the floor. There are a number of ways wood is used to create a unique design. Herringbone installations are an attractive option where the wood is installed in a zigzag pattern. Some patterns use strips of varying shades to create a beautiful pattern and others keep the stain consistent and allow the grain of the wood to provide variety.

Adding a Medallion

Medallions are round, rectangular or square patterns created from hardwood to form a distinct design. Inlaid pieces of wood are shaped to form intricate patterns like stars or interlocked triangles or a seemingly endless amount of other decorative images. The medallions are often centered in the room where they are installing and blend seamlessly into the floor once it is complete.

Including a Border

Wood Flooring in Manhattan can benefit from a border in many ways. Open-concept homes may need borders to prevent their flooring from looking like a sea of wood. Inlaid borders define specific spaces, like a dining area, and break up the monotony of a single shade of wood. Many people prefer a straight border, but wavy and whimsical designs are also possible and can add an artistic touch to any space.

Installing basic wood floors is a task that many homeowners can perform on their own. However, herringbone patterns, medallions and borders typically require a professional touch to look as flattering as possible and to make certain their are no gaps or uneven boards. Even the smallest mistake can destroy the beauty of the floor with these types of intricate additions. New York Wood Flooring offers the high-quality material and professional installation that guarantee every floor look as beautiful and unique as possible.

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