Value Engineering Is One of Many Architectural Services Offered in St. Augustine

by | Jun 19, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

When one goes to choose an architect for a project, he or she will likely come across a list of architectural services in St. Augustine which are offered. Value engineering may be on this list, yet mean nothing to the average consumer. What is value engineering and why is it important?

Value engineering, one of many vital Architectural Services, is a series of procedures used to ensure the structure being designed offers the optimum value both at time of construction and over the long term. Many assume this means it’s a way of cutting costs on a project, yet this isn’t the case. Value engineering assesses the requirements of the project and then looks to achieve the essential functions at the lowest total cost throughout the life of the project. This includes staffing, capital, maintenance, and energy.

An architectural services in St. Augustine company may be called in at any stage of the process, yet many find the sooner they are called in, the better return on investment. There are three stages to any project: planning, design, and construction. Here is an overview of what the architect does at each stage.

During the planning stage, the architectural firm learns what the owner feels is of value so key objectives for the project may be developed. A functional analysis takes place at this time and the architect reviews the existing program. He or she offers alternative solutions and ensures the budget will be adequate for the project once a choice has been made.

Many don’t call the architect in until the design process and government agencies typically require a consultation at this stage. The design team and client sit down together to determine if the project offers the best value for the money as this changes from client to client. A process is used to ensure all are on the same page, various solutions are created, the solutions are discussed, and value management proposals are made and presented.

Throughout the construction phase, the architect provides solutions which bring enhanced value. In addition, they review any proposed changes and make recommendations. The value engineer will discuss the impact of the changes on the schedule and productivity, among other things.

Consider making use of a professional specializing in your current or upcoming project. Doing so ensures your structure provides the optimal value. Anything less and you’ll likely be disappointed with the final results.

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