Eliminate the Infestation with Bug Removal in Fullerton

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Pest Control

If you’ve suddenly noticed an abundance of roaches crawling around your kitchen area, you might wonder where they’re coming from and why they’re suddenly trying to turn your home into their home. Roaches can spread quickly. Once you’ve spotted one, there are probably many others hiding elsewhere. They tend to come out at night and are attracted to sweet scents and food droppings. If you’re worried about a roach infestation, it’s time to get help from an exterminator who handles bug removal in Fullerton professionally.

What Can an Exterminator Do About the Roaches?

The exterminator will be able to use roach control products to kill the roaches that are in your home and keep them from entering the area again. One of the control products that is commonly used includes an insecticide spray that can kill the roaches immediately when it comes in contact with them. You may notice that they’re dead when their bodies are flipped over onto their backs.

There are some other options that the exterminator might decide to use for bug removal in Fullerton, but it will depend on how bad the roach infestation is inside your home. For example, they might set some traps. There are electronic traps and sticky traps. If the roaches land inside of an electronic trap, they get zapped to death. If they land on the stick trap, they will get stuck to it. Even after having a roach control spray used around the kitchen and the entire home, it’s still in your best interest to place some traps in concealed areas so that you can trap any of the roaches that may have survived.

How Do I Prevent The Roaches from Coming Back After the Exterminator Kills Them?

Even after you’ve had help from Southern California Exterminators with killing roaches that were in your home, you should still take certain steps to prevent them from coming back again. Make sure that you clean any spills or food droppings immediately. If you don’t get to them right away, roaches will be attracted to the scent, and then they might end up coming back inside.



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