Classy Decking Ideas the Whole Family Will Love

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Home and Garden

So you finally decided to build your own deck. Congratulations! Before you head on over to the hardware store to get your supplies, check out these classy decking ideas the whole family will adore.

1. Turn your deck into an alfresco dining area with low-level seats and soft cushions. Add well-placed lanterns with soft lights to create a perfectly romantic mood. If you’re not too keen on using lanterns, there’s a wide range of stunning low-level LED lights that you can use to give your deck that cosy feel. Make sure to pick those that don’t generate heat so that you won’t have to worry about walking barefoot when they’re switched on.

2. Tired of the all too traditional decking designs you see around you? Why not mix wood decking with natural stone and concrete for a truly modern look? You will also get the same effect with Futurewood’s eco-friendly alternative, CleverDeck in the Slate Grey colour.

3. Opt for a sleek finish by using composite decking tiles on your old concrete pathway. They’re not only easy to clean but also slip resistant.

4. Encourage your kids to spend more time outdoors by building a deck that they will love to hang out on. Plant a tree near your deck for some shade. Add a few colourful garden chairs and some festive décor. Organize a barbeque and invite a few of their friends over. They’ll thank you for the memories later when they get older.

5. If you have always loved the understated elegance of wood decking but cringe at the thought of all of the maintenance that timber requires there is no need to worry. Go for recycled wood composite decking like CleverDeck. It does not rot and requires very little maintenance and it makes use of discarded products like wood flour, rice husks and post-industrial waste. It also doesn’t splinter and it lasts a long time.

For more classy decking ideas, go online and check websites dedicated to deck designing. Gather brochures and if needed, ask questions in online forums. There’s no need to rush into building your own deck. The longer time you spend knowing everything about decking, the less chance you’ll have of making costly mistakes.

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