Types of Floor Care Systems: Cleaning Your Home Efficiently

by | Mar 19, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance, Home and Garden, Home Improvement

There are different types of floor cleaning machines or equipment for residential and commercial use in the market today. These machines are very efficient making a janitor’s work very easy. Below are some types of Floor Care Systems in The Woodlands TX.

Stripping machines

Stripping machines are designed to strip and scrub. With powerful engines, and wide stripping widths these types of floor care machines make difficult tasks easy regardless of the size of the stripping area.They are designed to cover large areas and can reach every edge of the room. These machines are appropriate for use where a lot of efforts is required.

Dry or wet vacuums

You can choose to buy commercial or residential vacuums. They are very efficient for cleaning the floor manually. They speed up the cleaning by picking up particles from the floor using the force created by a vacuum. Vacuums come in handy when being used on large, small or hard floors.

Single disc floor machines

These machines are electrically powered, and they are operated by a single motor that turns a pad driver installed on the machine. They are installed on floor cleaning pads or brushes. The motor gives a circular motion while the pads or brushes provide agitation. They are also used for spraying buff floors, clean carpets and hard floors.

Steam Cleaning Machines

Another easy way to clean floors is using steam cleaning machine. These machines generate hot water or steam that is known to clean any dirty surface. The good thing about these machines is that they are not only affordable but also highly portable.

Floor sanders

Sanders are multi-functional, and they have the ability to vacuum, strip and sand the same time. They can deal with areas that need huge amount of work. They are reliable, safe, effective, and easy to use. They have handles that can be adjusted to ensure that the operator uses them for a long time, without getting tired.

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