Ensure Your Home or Business Stays Dry Using Experienced Roofers in Appleton

When the rain begins to fall, do you feel like most of it is leaking inside your home or business? If this is the case, then it’s time to contact Roofers in Appleton who can handle this problem quickly. A leaking roof can result in a lot of damages, and it isn’t all cosmetic. A serious leak can cause damage to the roof or building long before you see water spots on the ceiling. This is one of the reasons that regular roof inspections are important. At the very least, you need to visually inspect the roof once a year or after any serious storm.

The roof on a home is a composite structure made from decking; roofing felt and shingles. The most common roof covering uses asphalt shingles, but there are other options like stamped steel, fiber-cement, clay tiles and copper. The one you select will depend on your budget and the architectural design of your home. Three tab asphalt shingles provide an affordable option with an average service life somewhere between fifteen and twenty-five years.

One of the best roofing options for many buildings is steel. Steel roofing is a zinc or zinc-aluminum galvanized product. It is shaped to resemble a variety of roofing materials including various tiles, wood shake and asphalt shingles. One benefit of choosing steel roofing is that it can often be installed without removing the old shingles. This is done by placing battens over the roof to secure the steel in place. Installing the roof in this way also provides a little more insulation for the roof because of the space between the old roofing and the steel.

Not all roofs use shingles or similar materials. Flat roofs like those on commercial buildings use a variety of products to cover the space, but the most common is a tar roof. This is sometimes known as built-up roofing (BUR). BUR is a layer of roofing felt or similar membrane placed over roof decking. This is then coated with a layer of hot tar or similar bitumen based product. The tar and membrane are secured by placing an aggregate over the top, usually small gravel. This is a budget friendly way to cover large, flat roofs, but it does require occasional maintenance. If you are in need of Roofers in Appleton, contact the experts at Business Name.

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