Different Types of Pool Coping?

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Home Improvement

Back in the day, there were not a whole lot options available as far as material you could lay around your pool. In fact most people usually had to settle for a rough concrete material. Well, those days are finally over, and here at Travertine Locator, we offer a variety of different types of pool copings to our customers.

What Is Pool Coping?

The pool coping is the material that is located over the top of the tile line that’s generally covering the top of the structure of your pool. This particular part of your pool is known as the bondbeam, and it is usually about 12 inches wide. The primary purpose of the pool coping is to separate the structure of your pool from its decking.

Sometimes, pool copings will also play the part of frame around your pool. (A lot like a frame that you see around a picture or a painting.) Your pool coping can come in a number of different materials. Some of these materials can be:

1. Tile

2. Poured concrete

3. Pre-cast concrete


5. Flagstone

6. Tile


Travertine Locator Pool Copings

Here at Travertine Locator, the different types of pool copings that we offer to our customers include: tumbled copings, 2 inch copings, remodeling copings, and travertine and marble decks.

At Travertine Locator, we recognize that the latest trend in pool design is travertine pool coping. We ensure that all industry standards are followed when we create our travertine pool coping to fit pools of any shape and/or size.

Our pool copings are prefabricated and they all come with a smooth, bull-nosed edge and ready for installation: ideal for use by either a contractor or someone who is ready for a do-it-yourself type of pool project.

Most often, pool copings are made from a material of higher grade. Here at Travertine Locator, our pool coping is made mainly from a tumbling process. This is due to the fact that when pool coping is made from this particular process, the strongest kind of finished travertine is promoted.

Tumbled pool coping will not only provide the edge of your pool with a smooth, unified appearance against its surrounding, it is also freeze and thaw resistant and has a high coefficient of friction for safe footing. Tumbled pool coping can also withstand some of the most inclement weather in its open environment.

At Travertine Locator, you can rest assured that the pool coping we offer to our customers is of the highest quality. We value each and every one of our customers and we strive to be the best business in the travertine industry. You can count on us for all of your travertine needs!

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