We Offer Over 800 Varieties of Heirloom Seeds

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Here at Eden Brothers, we are not supporters of GMO seeds or seeds that have been genetically modified. Instead, we provide over 800 varieties of heirloom seeds – seeds which are ancestral in nature, which have never been modified. The seeds are special because they add historical interest to the subject of gardening. They have been passed down through time and have not been altered in any way.

How Hybridization Works

To understand or define heirloom seeds then, you also must understand the nature of GMO seeds and seeds that produce hybrid plantings. A hybrid vegetable materializes when seeds are cross-pollinated from two varieties of a plant in order to create an offspring, also known as a hybrid plant.

Hybridization involves pollination that is scrupulously supervised in order to make sure that the proper plants are crossed. This type of pollination is undertaken in order to produce a hybrid which features characteristics from each of the plants involved in the pollination process. Usually, hybridization takes several years to produce a plant that features the desired attributes. For example, a yellow cherry tomato is an example of a hybrid plant and vegetable.

Genetic Engineering – Not a Practice We Uphold

GMO plants are the product of genetic engineering with the “GMO” designation being short for a “Genetically Modified Organism.” During this process, a plant’s DNA is changed and may include the insertion of DNA from other plant species. Here, at Eden Brothers, we do not advocate the selling of GMO seeds and only offer premium quality heirloom and organic seeds. Our commitment is to sustainability and to the ongoing efforts toward ecological and environmental soundness.

Hand-me-Down Seeds

Our heirloom seeds that we sell at Eden Brothers are seeds that are “hand-me-downs,” you might say, albeit quality “hand-me-down” seeds. Heirloom seeds are generally classified as being at least 50 years old and typically include pre-World War II plant varieties. The plants remain stable from year to year.

The Natural Process of Open-pollination

Heirloom vegetables are pollinated by the wind or insects naturally, without any human intervention. This type of pollination is called open-pollination.

Flavor-enhanced Vegetables

We tout heirloom seeds here at Eden Brothers as the vegetables that are produced from heirloom plants usually boast an enhanced flavor. Generally, you won’t find this type of characteristic in a hybrid plant, particularly among tomatoes, many of which are considered hybrid in nature.

Heirloom seeds produce a crop of vegetables that are less uniform than the vegetables produced from hybrid plants. Although heirloom vegetables may display various shapes or sizes from one planting, they make up for it when it comes to taste.

You will enjoy the large selection of heirloom vegetable seeds that we offer for gardeners here at Eden Brothers. Visit our website at Edenbrothers.com to view the selection now.

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