Tree Transplanting San Antonio

by | May 9, 2013 | Home and Garden

Moving a tree takes some work, but with expert help, it is not a complicated process and has many benefits. If you are creating a new landscape, you may not want to wait years for a sapling to reach its full size, leaving a hole in your garden in the meantime. You also never quite know how exactly a younger tree will grow if you are looking for a specific look. You may also have a favorite tree that you don’t want to leave behind when moving or that is now too close to your house, office, garage, sidewalk, or other trees. Transplanting the tree will let you avoid cutting it down and losing out on enjoying it for years to come.

Tree Transplanting San Antonio is made easy by the numerous Tree Farm San Antonio companies and tree transplanting services. These companies will inspect your tree before the move to check its health and what it needs to be ready for a safe move. They will treat any pests or fungi to bring it back to full health. They will also trim it and prune it to reduce stress during and after the move and to make sure it is ready to grow back in full health.

They will also select the best method for moving it; either by digging up just the tree and its roots or by creating a ball containing the surrounding soil as well. The first method brings more of the original roots, but requires more attention to keep the tree from drying out while the second cuts off more of the extended roots, but leaves what’s left in a healthier position. As part of the initial inspection, a good expert will be able to determine which is best for your tree. You should ask what they are doing and why to make sure they have considered everything and your tree is in good hands.

If this sounds like too much, there are also many Trees for Sale San Antonio. You can find a young, healthy tree ready to grow into your landscape without having to worry about damaging a well established tree by moving it. Many of the same Tree Farm San Antonio that help transplant trees will also be able to help you with a new tree if that is what you choose.

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