Tips for Maintenance on HVAC in St. Louis

Maintenance for HVAC in St. Louis includes both heating and cooling systems. The area has hot, sweltering summers and cold, snowy winters. Your furnace and AC will get quite the workout during the year. Therefore, you want to make sure they’re performing in tip-top shape.

Preparing Your Furnace for Winter

Temperatures can fall quickly during October and November. They can dip below zero regularly through the winter until the month of April. Having HVAC in St. Louis that works properly can influence your health. Keep your furnace in good working order by getting an inspection at the beginning of the season.

During your furnace inspection, the HVAC technician may flush out certain parts of your furnace and make sure it’s functioning properly in connection to your thermostat. Vents will be checked to ensure they’re not blocked. Finally, your furnace filter will be changed, but you may have to change it yourself several times through the season.

Obviously, many people have the skills to do these kinds of maintenance checks themselves. For this reason, they typically are reasonably priced. Skimping on a yearly furnace inspection can lead to poor performance, wasted energy and sometimes dangerous situations.

At the end of the winter season, it isn’t necessary to do much for your HVAC system other than change the filter. That may even be unnecessary, though removing dirty, dusty filters can help keep your ducts free from debris.

Preparing Your AC for Summer

Summer temperatures start heating up in May and can run through November. In St. Louis, the heat and humidity can rise to life-threatening levels. It’s important to keep your HVAC system going strong to keep heat waves at bay. Regular maintenance spots issues before they require expensive repairs and prevents you from suffering without cooling services.

Hiring someone to take care of your HVAC in St. Louis doesn’t have to be expensive. Many times, a tech will check your wires, hoses and vents. You may request a spray-out of your outdoor cooling unit as well. This clears debris from blocking your exterior vents. This service helps keep your AC running at full capacity without being stressed or using extra energy. You can also have a technician look over the inside of your home and recommend places to add seals and other preventive measures for avoiding lost cooling.



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