Prepare for the Winter With Expert Heating Repair in Granada Hills

Living in or around Granada Hills can have many benefits. For instance, it’s only a few miles to the scenic beauty of the Rocky mountains and the summer heat in this area is generally easy to tolerate. Unfortunately, the winter weather can be a problem as the cold air rolls off the mountains and lowers the temperature on the plains. Weather like this can make a person realize the need for Heating Repair in Granada Hills and how even simple tasks such as routine maintenance can be critical to the efficiency of the heating system.

There are two basic types of whole-home heating systems, central heating and radiant heat. Centralized heating methods include the stand-alone furnace and the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) systems. Their primary function is to provide treated air throughout the whole house or business. Central units have various points where they may require Heating Repair in Granada Hills such as the blower system or damaged components in the unit’s air exchange. One fairly common problem occurs with an HVAC system. This unit circulates air all year long. Over time, the dust and debris that makes it past the filter can accumulate on the evaporator coil. This issue can block or reduce the flow of air through the system. The fix is reasonably easy, but it does require the expertise of a professional. The coil must be removed and cleaned in an acid bath.

The alternative of radiant heat provides numerous methods for heating the various rooms. Originally, radiant heat was basically those old style radiators that some folks may recall from schools or public buildings. However, today’s systems make use of baseboard radiators, slim wall mount models and it is even possible to get under floor heating systems. Attempting maintenance or Heating Repair in Granada Hills on such a huge array of appliances can be very intimidating. The first step is to diagnose the problem. Is it a lack of heated water flowing from the boiler? Perhaps the boiler isn’t igniting when required or an electric element in the system has failed. It can be very difficult to determine a fault without examining the heating system. This is where specialists such as Aladdin Air Conditioning & Heating can help. Experience and knowledge will go a long way when repairing an ailing heating system.

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