A Plethora of Possibilities for Wall Dividers

by | Oct 3, 2012 | Home Improvement

Most people of a certain age remember an episode of the popular television sit-com “The Brady Bunch” in which the oldest son takes attic space in order to have a room of his own. He tricks it out with groovy early 70s paraphernalia, including a string of beads hanging from the ceiling at its entrance, which makes for a memorable wall divider and doorway.

There are numerous different styles of wall dividers, which are usually folded screens that are employed both for decorative purposes and to divide space in homes and offices. Of the more interesting dividers are those that are highly decorative with stretched photographs or displays of art.

Six foot tall renditions, for instance, of scenes of Venice in black and white might work well to divide a section in a novelty shop, or in a home office or study. Canvas wall dividers that feature repetitive patterns and designs in a wide array of colors and styles are available to fit the specific needs of individual buyers.  Imagine the work of Van Gogh or Monet in large dimensions sectioning off part of your home library or loft space. Scenes of New York, floral designs, renditions of Buddha or other religious icons and symbols, wooden or birch lattice work, shabby chic venetian blinds, bamboo, a wooden Maginel screen, and more are available for those with an artistic sensibility.

Other wall dividers may carry over influences from your digital life, such as a multi-framed screen in several folds hosting large personal photographs, a beige Shoji screen made of tightly knit woven material, traditional Asian screens layered with black and gold patterns and designs, or more expensive modular screens with perforated patterns.

Whatever your personal tastes might be, and no matter what kind of home décor you inhabit, there are wall dividers available that will fit your needs in a variety of sizes and materials. Many wall dividers are framed in polymer materials, wood or fiberglass and feature tightly woven materials (including fiberglass strands) or durable rice paper that can enhance your living space aesthetically while simultaneously providing privacy for an enclosed space.

Translucent dividers may allow the diffusion of light into the space, whether ambient light from a common artificial source, or sunlight streaming through the windows of the room. Such an arrangement erases the need for a lamp or other lighting in the enclosure. Reflective dividers that feature mirrored panels bounces light back into a larger area, filling the room with light in ways that can be intriguing, especially if you have a hardwood, tiled or marble floor.

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