What Is Custom Construction In Richland?

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Construction and Maintenance

When you don’t want to buy other peoples worn out carpets or outdated appliances, only custom construction in Richland will suit you. Its one thing to see your kids initials scratched in wet concrete but it’s something all together different when the initials mean nothing to you. Custom construction in Richland gives you a brand new, squeaky clean house with not as much as a footprint on the new carpet.

When you opt for custom construction in Richland you must remember that the agents who want to sell you the house are paid to represent the builder, not you. Of course this is not always true but it doesn’t hurt for you to negotiate the home purchase through an agent that you hire for the purpose of representing your interests. When you have your own agent to represent you in purchasing custom construction in Richland he is bound to be your fiduciary and is required to disclose not only the positives of the home and price but any negatives that will have a material effect on the transaction. A good buyer’s agent can end up saving you many thousands of dollars, far more than what his commission is.

Many builders of custom construction in Richland have their own lenders who keep them informed of the loan process as it works its way through. It’s recommended that you seek alternative sources of finance. The bank or credit union that you have been dealing with for years may very well give you a superior deal with more attractive rates and terms. The buying agent is also a good source of reference as they will be aware of wholesale lenders in the area. Before you even begin to seek a mortgage ask to see a copy of your current credit report and scores.

Prior to signing the contract to purchase a custom construction in Richland home talk to your lawyer or solicit the services of a lawyer who specializes in home buying and selling. The standard purchase contract may not necessarily be the best for you and it may contain language that you are not familiar with. The lawyer will make sure you fully understand your rights, your liabilities and commitments. Your lawyer will probably point out clauses that are indicative of the materials used in the custom construction in Richland. If there is a clause that warns about health issues it may be there because the home is being built from material that contains certain chemicals that may be offensive to you or a family member. Now is the time to find out about all these issues.

Invariably there are changes and additions made during the construction process. These changes will entail more money, find out first if your lender will finance 100% of all your selections made post contract.

For custom construction in Richland from a builder with a proven track record and an exemplary reputation you can do no better than Lexar Homes. They use the best of materials and the workmanship is done by professionals, each of which knows their jobs well.


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