AC Service in Las Vegas and Air Duct Cleaning

by | Oct 9, 2012 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Did you know the importance of air duct cleaning? The quality of your air ducts has a direct bearing on how well your air conditioner runs, as well as the health of your family. If you have dirt and debris clogging your ducts, your air conditioner needs to work harder, making it less efficient. This is also what makes many people suffer from allergies and illnesses. When your air ducts are clogged, it costs you more money in repairs, medical bills and utility bills. If you wish to save money on your air conditioning costs, as well as preserve the health of you and your family, it is best to have your air ducts cleaned by an AC service in Las Vegas.

Higher Costs

Energy costs are already at their highest levels they have been in years. When you add the stress of clogged air ducts to the equation, you increase how hard your air conditioner has to work. This requires more energy usage and higher utility bills. Clogged air ducts also mean your rooms will experience less air circulation. This means it takes even longer to cool the rooms in your home down to the temperature at which your thermostat is set. This all combines to leave you with higher than normal utility bills.

Health Issues

Indoor air quality is a culprit in many instances of illnesses and even deaths, especially those that have to do with the lungs. Asthma and infections are widely blamed on the quality of air in people’s homes. Poor indoor air quality makes everyone feel less than optimal and affects many people negatively, including causing severe illnesses that could be prevented simply by calling a repairman for AC service in Las Vegas.

The Proper Cleaning

The right company for AC service in Las Vegas will properly clean your air ducts. This means not only paying attention to the ducts themselves but also the blower and various coils in the system. Because of the amount of moisture, dust and debris that accumulate in the coils, they can combine to create a large blockage in your unit, making your air conditioner work harder or not at all. When you hire the right company to perform a thorough cleaning of your air ducts and the entire AC system, you will have free flowing air that is clean and efficiently cools your home without unnecessarily high costs.

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