Tips for Choosing an Office Desk in Houston

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Furniture

Your office will define how clients view you. Heavy, old-fashioned furniture will make you look dated. Pieces which are in need of repair or mismatched can make you look unprofessional. The best solution is to find furnishing which allow you to be comfortable and are functional. You need a style which will make you look like the detail-oriented innovator you know you are. Since the desk is often the center of attention, here is how to choose the perfect Office Desk in Houston.

Choose the Size and Shape

If you work solely on a computer, you may find a desk with a small surface space will allow you to have enough room for other needs, like storage. You will need a desk at least 20 inches deep to comfortably allow enough distance between you and your monitor. The length can vary, but traditionally office desks are 5-feet long. Small offices and unusually shaped work spaces may seem crowded with this length of desk, so consider a multi-piece workstation or u-shaped design instead.

Deciding on the Finish Color

High-quality laminates are an excellent option because they offer a much wider array of colors and designs than other materials. This makes it easier to blend furnishings with your office decor. The color choice depends on many things. A brighter shade will open up a small space, but can be harsh on the eyes after a long day. Dark pieces hide small bumps dings in the surfaces easier and can look more sophisticated, but can also be overwhelming in small offices.

Proper Desk Height

Your desk should be low enough to make conversations with those across from you easy. For comfortable use with a computer, it is recommended the top of the monitor be at or slightly above eye level when comfortably seated. If you often perform work tasks while standing or want to have flexibility, adjustable-height desks can simplify this situation. These types of desks can also make it possible for multiple users to use the same workspace comfortably.

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