The Importance of AC Service

by | Sep 12, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is known as one of the most useful gadgets in the home, especially in the summer. This is because its main function is to process ambient air. The cooled air conditions and cleans the area, controlling moisture simultaneously. But what happens when you need AC service?

Maintenance of air conditioning

There are actions that help achieve air conditioning proper maintenance:

•   In buildings where architecture is based on glass, it’s recommended to use tinted or reflective films, which reduced heat transfer can save up to 20 percent on air conditioning consumption.

•   It’s recommended to insulate the walls that are exposed to the sun. This helps save 30 percent or more on energy bills.

•   In the early hours of the day it’s recommended to ventilate the house, because that is when there is no fresh air and the sun is less intense.

•   When you turn on your air conditioner try not to set the thermostat below 72°F, as this indicates an expenditure of unnecessary energy.

•   When the air conditioning system is clean, you should run the fan for approximately 12 hours so that the internal drive is dry, in the event of moisture.

•   The air conditioning control (thermostat) must also be cleaned, especially the batteries used. These should be removed and stored in a dry place. It’s important not to damage the equipment, ensuring it is cleaned with a dry brush, removing dirt or dust particles.

•   Finally you should clean the outside of the air conditioner as it can collect dust and potential viruses or bacteria that damage health.

Methods of preparation

The methods of preparation for the air conditioning system are two-fold:

•   The independent air conditioning system: This system produces both heat and cold.

•   The centralized system: This system has conditioners as its main tool, which are responsible for the treatment of air while obtaining the thermal energy.

AC service providers

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