Reupholstery Services Available in the New York State Area

Your business prides itself on paying attention to the derails, no matter how small or how large. Your waiting room shows your customers how much you care about doing business with them and you used to be very proud of how it looked.

Today, that is not the case for your waiting room. It shows the years or wear and tear, especially on the couch and chairs. The tables show scratches and discolorations. You know that you should have paid attention to this issue years ago.

You are also tired of seeing the old patterns. They look dated and certainly not up to date but you have neither the time, motivation nor expertise to seek out new materials, colors and patterns. You may also need to replace some of the tables. The chairs and couch are in good condition but need reupholstery services near Brooklyn NY.

You realize that you need reupholstery services near Brooklyn NY but you have no idea where to start your search. You would like a one stop shop approach, an interior decorator to pick the fabrics, take care of your new furniture needs and provide new window treatments made in their facility. You would like to make one trip to their showroom and manufacturing facility and then have them take care of all the rest. If you could do all this on a Saturday when you are closed, it would be ideal.

Please visit the website of Bay Decorators Window Treatments & Upholstery, located in Brooklyn, NY, at They are the professionals for whom you have been looking for reupholstery services near Brooklyn NY.

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