How Should I Arrange My Living Room Furniture?

During the heat of COVID lockdown, many homeowners and tenants took to rearranging their houses. As there was nothing else to do, antsy quarantiners moved their living room furniture around to try and create something new. But, as we move away from quarantines, some may start noticing that their furniture formations aren’t exactly working for their lives anymore.

Maybe you were not one of those COVID furniture arrangers, but you are still bored with your current setup. So, how should one arrange their living quarters? Is there a tried-and-true way of designing a space?

Everyone does have a unique style, so one way of designing a room won’t necessarily work for everyone. But, there are specific methods to arranging furniture that you may be able to use in your own home to improve both style and layout.

For some, layout may not be the only issue. If furniture is outdated and falling apart, it may be time for new pieces as well. When picking furniture, you want to make sure you don’t choose just any cheap furniture you can find. Your furniture is an investment that should last for years to come. Furniture can become heirloom pieces and even quality antiques you can profit from in the future.

Sure, you can travel to sizeable corporate furniture stores, but you will not receive the quality you deserve. One great option for quality furniture is Ironwood Furniture, an Amish furniture store in New York. When you decide on Amish-built furniture, you aren’t just getting an aesthetic piece for your home- you receive the hard work of caring Amish artisans who are proud of the detailed work they have created.

Machines make corporate furniture, so things like sofas, chairs, and dining tables often fall apart or do not meet the standard you expect. At Ironwood Furniture, only high-quality wood is used for construction, meaning you don’t just get an authentic wooden look; you get a piece that will last for years.

Designing the space

When beginning to design your living room, survey the furniture you have and determine which is the largest. This will possibly be the sofa or an armchair. Then, take note of the primary feature of your room. Since this is the living room, it will likely be a TV stand or a fireplace. Start by moving your largest piece to face that primary feature, and then place chairs or other seating arrangements adjacent to or opposite the most prominent element. And then fill in the rest of the pieces around what is already set, keeping focal points and statement pieces in mind.

What not to do

Remember, natural light is your friend. Do not block windows with large pieces of furniture, as natural light opens up spaces. Avoid pushing all the furniture against one wall, as it will cause the area to be cramped and difficult to maneuver. Center your furniture around the center of the room for proper flow.

Above all, make the space your own. Choose what works for your family and your entertaining style. There are many possibilities for living room arrangements, so follow this essential guide to get yourself started. Of course, there are other ways to arrange besides this one, so have fun and play around! You’ve got this!

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