Things that Are Covered Through Custom Garage Door Warranties

by | Jun 5, 2015 | Garage Door Services

When purchasing a big ticket item such as a new garage door, homeowners want to ensure that their investment is protected during unexpected events. Purchasing a warranty is always a safe option. Through a variety of warranty options, a homeowner can ensure that their garage is covered for a low fee. Although there are a variety of warranty plans offered, not all of them cover some of the most commonly experienced damages. For this reason, it is recommended that a person look into what is actually covered prior to purchasing a plan. Fortunately, many companies still offer plans that can benefit the homeowner.

Custom Garage Door Warranties cover several things when they are offered through a reputable company. The type of coverage provided varies depending on several factors, so it is advised that homeowners discuss this subject with a representative. In most cases, however, individuals can expect the following to be covered.

  • Windows
  • Garage door panels
  • Door openers
  • Hardware components
  • Spring components
  • Labor costs that are required to repair such items

In most cases, a warranty will not apply if the damage is caused by a person. It only covers damage that is due to a defect. In many cases, extended warranty is available that will cover a wider range of damages. If this is an area of concern, it is recommended that the homeowner speak to a sales specialist about the available options. If it is determined that the damage is covered, a reputable contractor will visit the home as soon as possible to repair the garage door. The process of filing a claim is simple and can be completed within a few short minutes.

Companies such as Ace Garage Door Company LLC provide warranty plans at affordable prices and with reasonable terms. Although there are several fancy features that can be added to new garage doors, these features come with the added responsibility of ensuring it remains damage-free. In order to feel at ease by knowing the new garage door is covered, homeowners are encouraged to shop through the available Custom Garage Door Warranties and choose a plan that best fits their needs.

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