Rent Fences in Chicago to Protect People and Property

by | Jun 3, 2015 | Home Improvement

Temporary fences are often needed to protect property and keep people safe during construction projects and events. Construction companies have to secure their sites from both thieves and vandals. The rising prices of metals such as copper make many of their construction materials attractive targets. Large pieces of equipment often attract the attention of curious children. As a result it’s necessary for contractors to Rent Fences in Chicago to protect their materials. Post-driven chain link fences can be quickly installed and are strong enough to keep out intruders. They can also be topped with barbed wire if additional security if required.

Federal and state environmental laws require that contractors keep dirt and run-off from entering streams, ponds and other wetland areas. They must also contain all run-off on their own site and not allow it to travel to property owned by other people. Silt fences are perfect for achieving these objectives. These are finely woven textile fences that prevent silt and water from running through it. They are designed to be placed in rough terrain without harming fragile environmental areas. Silt fences are placed in trenches six inches deep and carefully staked to keep them in place during all types of weather. At 30 inches high, they are capable of withstanding almost all weather events.

There are many other reasons to Rent Fences in Chicago. Crowd control is one of the main reasons that businesses and local governments erect temporary fences. Cities often have weekend festivals with concerts to attract shoppers and restaurant patrons to their downtown areas. Streets are closed and traffic patterns are changed to create a festive environment. Barricades and fences are used to channel traffic into the new pattern.

Business owners and city officials can visit Website to learn how easy it is to select a fence for their needs. This is a family-owned business that has over ten years of experience installing all types of temporary fences for governments, contractors and industrial clients. They carefully hire employees and train them to install fences to ensure the safety of people near their fences. Whether a customer has the time to make an appointment for a fence installation or needs emergency help, United Rent-A-Fence can meet their needs in a timely manner.

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