2 Important Reasons Why Your Home Deserves The Best Roofer Available

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Roofing

When your house needs a new roof, it’s imperative that you hire an experienced and qualified roofing company for the job. If your roof isn’t installed by a professional company, you’ll regret this decision when your roof starts to leak. Your home deserves the best roofer available and below you’ll learn why you should contact an expert roofing company for the job.

Effective Materials

An experienced roofing company installs the proper components to ensure that you have a reliable roofing system on your home. An underlayment is placed on top of the wooden roof decking to help keep the rays of the sun from heating up the shingles. Excessive heat can cause asphalt shingles to wear out prematurely and become ineffective. An experienced roofer attaches a waterproof material over the valleys of the roof. Since this area is prone to leakage, this waterproof material adds an extra layer of protection. Placing a ridge vent and a ridge cap on the top edge of the roof helps keep your attic well ventilated. Without proper attic ventilation, your roof can get too hot from the sun, and this can deteriorate the asphalt shingles.

Excellent Workmanship

A professional roofing company takes pride in their work to ensure that your roof is installed correctly. The proper procedure for nailing asphalt shingles is by using four nails. If the proper amount of nails aren’t used, the shingles can become loose and blow off the roof when the wind blows. Water can run down between shingles that isn’t properly nailed to the decking, and this will cause your roof to leak. Many companies use nail guns to secure the shingles and while the job can be done quicker, this nailing technique is inconsistent and it can also cause future problems with your roof. Your home deserves the best roofer available, and the best nailing job is done when the nails are hammered in by hand.

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