How to Choose the Perfect Fabric Wallcovering

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Home Improvement

Choosing the perfect fabric wallcovering for a room can be difficult. Some want a wallcovering that will be striking and stand out in the room. Others want one to be made of sustainable material. Others yet may have pets and children in the home who could destroy a gorgeous designer  wallcovering. We at Wolf Gordon know that there are a lot of factors to be taken into account. The following tips will help you choose the best and most attractive fabric wallcovering for your room:

What Is the Theme of the Room?

Unless you are working with a bare room or are giving the décor a complete overhaul, you will have to choose a wallcovering that is suitable for the theme of the room. Apart from color, you will also need to take the following into account:

1. Material or type of wallcovering
2. Texture
3. Scale
4. PatternSpecial effect (i.e. pearlescence, metallic, beading, etc.)
If you already have furniture in the home, consider the current décor, furnishings, and the architecture.

What Is the Room Used for?

Today’s homeowner has a selection of different materials that are used for wall coverings. For high traffic areas, vinyl or thermoplastic olefin wallcoverings from Wolf Gordon are ideal as both are easier to keep clean. For those who may need to create a bit of a sound barrier, we highly recommend acoustical wall coverings.

Another consideration is who will be in the room. For example, our Palmyra or Macao wallcoverings may be too “busy” or distracting for a child’s room. It may make it difficult for them to concentrate on homework or get to sleep at night because of how bright and bold the colors and pattern are. A better option may be Herringbone Etch or the more subdued Irene wall covering option we currently offer here at Wolf Gordon.

Are You Creating a Feature Wall?

Feature walls need special attention as they are going to be what stands out in the room. If you are adding a fabric wallcovering to your feature wall, you have to take two key factors into consideration:

a) The shade that you choose should be able to unite all of the décor within the room; and

b) The pattern and tone that you choose will make or break your feature wall

For the most part, homeowners want the room to appear larger than it is. In these instances, try to avoid large patterns and darker tones as these designs tend to visually draw the wall forward, making the room seem smaller and the wall seem closer than it truly is.

What Is Your Budget?

We know how easy it can be to get carried away when perusing through our selection of designer wallcoverings. What helps a lot of our customers when setting a budget is that to have a detailed floor plan on hand when browsing through their wallcovering options. This helps our customers stay focused and on track.

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