A Marble Deck For Your Pool Or Patio

by | Jun 1, 2015 | Flooring

If you plan on adding a deck to surround your pool or a patio, you have probably looked at the available materials. A pool deck or patio deck can be constructed of any number of materials including limestone, travertine and the good old standbys – wood and concrete. If you want your deck to truly be a unique, why not consider marble/ A marble deck will provide you with the major characteristics you expect from such an elegant material.

Basic Characteristics of any Deck – including a Marble Deck

A pool deck or any other deck for that matter has to fulfill two basic qualities. It must be:

1. Durable: You need it to take the beating of constant use as well as exposure to the elements without becoming faded and old in appearance

2. Attractive: If you want to showcase your pool or your landscaped back yard, you need a deck that stands out. You need a deck that complements the gardens or pool

No doubt exists in the minds of professional suppliers such as Travertine Warehouse that a marble deck delivers when it comes to these two characteristics or qualities. Whether you are planning a deck around your pool or in your backyard, marble is one less obvious, but still practical way to go.

 Advantages of Installing a Marble Deck

When it comes to creating a marble deck, you will find marble does have definite advantages over other types of materials. Once you consider the benefits of this natural stone other options will pale in comparison.

Consider a marble deck is:

1. Heat Resistant: This property makes it easier on your feet

2. Elegant: Although I have already mentioned it, it bears mentioning again. A marble deck is truly an elegant and classic example of  natural beauty at work

3. Slip Resistant: You do not lose your footing as easily on marble as you do on concrete. It has the same characteristics to an extent as travertine

4. Climate Resistant: If you have ever seen the Coliseum, how can you argue otherwise?

5. Damage Resistant: Again consider the years many Greek and Roman monolithic buildings have stood the test of time succumbing only to the problems of heavy and insidious air pollution

6. Colorful: The patterns, grain and available colors make marble a wonderful choice for blending it or standing out with your decks – pool or patio

A marble deck is the perfect way to make a strong or even subtle statement. Whether you are building a pool deck or a patio deck, don’t ignore the beauty and practicality of marble.

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