The Benefits of Storm Doors in Philadelphia, PA

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Doors

Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA are a great investment for any home. Made from a variety of materials, these doors typically come with screen inserts and glass that can be changed out as the seasons progress. When a new door of this type is purchased, it can expect to last for up to 50 years, depending on the quality of the door and the materials. What are some of the benefits of purchasing and installing a door of this type?


Exterior doors tend to cost more than screen doors. A front door may have windows, a special stain or paint, or other features that are susceptible to the elements. When a storm door is used, the front door receives additional protection from this and any debris that is blown around by the wind. As a result, maintaining the front door becomes less costly. Furthermore, the storm door extends the lifespan of the front door. An additional benefit of the storm door is it offers an additional layer of protection from bugs that may try to enter the home. The screen door allows air in while keeping the bugs out.


Burglars prefer homes that are easy to access. This means they are less vulnerable to the prying eyes of others. When a storm door is installed on a residence, it adds another layer of security, especially when the storm door comes with a lock. The burglar now has to make his or her way through two locked doors as opposed to one, which takes more time. As a result, he or she is likely to look for a residence that is easier to gain entry into as it comes with less risk.

Improved Energy Efficiency

A storm door serves as a buffer from outdoor temperatures. Choose a door that comes with low-emissivity glass or coatings and save even more. In fact, this glass or coating adds 15 percent, on average, to the cost of the door, but decreases the amount of energy loss by as much as 50 percent.

To learn more about Storm Doors in Philadelphia PA and their benefits, here you will find a wide range of doors to choose from, and one is sure to fit your home perfectly. Check them out today.

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