What Does Your Front Door Say about Your Business

The first thing people see when walking up to your business is the front door. This door is their first chance at making a judgement about you- and they haven’t even walked in the room yet.

A custom wood door has a whole lot to say about any business. Solid wood is sturdy, and will last your business for years to come. Instead of purchasing and redesigning a new entrance every couple years, invest now in an entryway that will look the same in 15 years as it does today. Long-time customers will learn to associate you business with consistency and longevity, making them more likely to think of you in the positive light you deserve.

Solid, good quality wood has a good weight to it and a rustic, lavish feel. From the minute customers walk in your business, they will feel like they are in the lap of luxury. The custom aspect of these doors also lends you the distinctive allure of a one of a kind building block of your business. It can also be a great conversation starter for those customers who are on the fence about buying your services. Real wood has a warm and trusting charm, and is the perfect welcoming piece for your customers to see right from the start.

Not to mention, wooden doors can offer much more in the realm of security. A heavy wooden door is significantly more difficult to pry open when locked, and much more secure than a glass door, which can be smashed with a fist. An opaque door prevents onlookers from peeking in during off hours as well, and can encourage them to come during business hours to satisfy their curiosity and see what is inside.Save

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