Controlling Moles and Gophers With Apex Pest Control

Apex Pest Control works with homeowners and businesses to come up with a unique plan for each client to get rid of unwanted pests. These pests range from insects to small animals. Some of these animals become pests in the house while others are pests out in the yard. Two of the types of pests that customers call for help for are moles and gophers. Services include an inspection of the structure and the property, using products that are EPA approved to be safe for people and pets, and following up on the project in order to provide a long-term solution.

A pest that you won’t see, but which can really tear up your yard, is the mole. This is a creature that spends most of its time underground. They don’t hibernate, so they are active all year. They live on earthworms, and since worms dig tunnels in the soil, so do the moles. Only the moles are much larger than worms, so when they dig tunnels across your yard in search of earthworms, you’re going to see trails of overturned soil and mounds of soil here and there. In fact, moles can create a 100-foot-long tunnel in just one day. Apex Pest Control can help you get rid of moles using special mole bait. It’s different from mice and rat bait, because the bait has to mimic the animal’s natural food source, and moles eat insects while mice and rats do not.

Gophers are usually small animals, but some gopher species can weigh over two pounds. Like the mole, they also burrow underground. When they do come above ground, they can be hard to see because their fur color blends in with the ground so well. They dig holes in the ground that can be unsightly in a yard. In an area where livestock is kept, livestock can be injured by tripping in the gopher holes. Gophers can also ruin golf courses with their digging activity. They also destroy food crops because they feed on the vegetation. Gophers also have long teeth, and while they will usually run away, they have bitten cats and people before, and caused injuries.

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