Three Sure Signs it’s Time to Look Into Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington, Florida

by | Jul 18, 2018 | Pest Control

Summer is usually the time for homeowners to sit back and appreciate all of the hard work they’ve put into their landscaping through the spring months. A healthy lawn should, at this point, require just periodic maintenance such as watering and cutting to remain lush and green throughout the rest of the season. Unfortunately, pests have different ideas in mind for many lawns.

Insects can wreak some serious damage if they are allowed to run amok, so it’s important that homeowners take action immediately should they begin to notice signs of an insect infestation. Property owners can read on to find out about a few of the most noticeable effects of lawn pests, so they’ll know when it’s time to call Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida.

Wilted Grass Blades

If blades of grass are wilting, but there are no other noticeable signs of damage, the problem is likely due to beetles. These insects lay their eggs in the soil. While the laying of the eggs itself won’t necessarily have any dramatic impact on a lawn, when the larvae hatch, they immediately begin consuming the roots of the grass.

These larvae will then grow into adult beetles, and the process will repeat itself indefinitely. It’s always better to call in some professional help as early in the cycle as possible to prevent future damage.

Noticeable Discoloration

Chinch bugs are the most frequent cause of discoloration. They feed on the grass blades themselves, consuming their nutrients with the help of an anticoagulant in the saliva.

This anticoagulant is used to keep the liquid flowing so that they can get more nutrients from each blade of grass, but its effects don’t just wear off when the pests are finished. They remain in the grass and prevent the grass from absorbing sufficient water to grow and thrive.

Dying Patches

Since most insects are so small, they kill just small portions of the yard at a time. The best way to avoid having them overtake the entire yard, which they will if allowed the opportunity, is to look into Lawn Pest Control Services in Wellington Florida as soon as the first patch of dead grass appears. Contact Above & Beyond Pest Control to schedule an appointment today.

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