Smells From The Septic System Can Be Removed With Septic Tank Cleaning Cedar Rapids, IA

In almost all rural areas, there is no public sewer system, and homeowners must use a septic system to treat the waste from the home. A private septic system treats the wastewater through a septic tank and a variety of pipes that filter the water flowing back into the ground. The water draining back into the soil needs to be clean and environmentally friendly. In addition, if the septic system becomes full, Septic Tank Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA, will have to be performed before the drain field is damaged.

The majority of septic systems contact a tank which holds the solid waste from a home. The water drains from the tank into a series of pipes surrounded by gravel to enter the soil. This is called the leach field or leaching system. Some systems can also contain aerators that inject air into the water before entering the leach field to remove the bacteria before entering the ground.

The septic tank is usually made of concrete. The number of bedrooms and the size of the home determine how large the septic tank should be. Some systems have two tanks or one tank can be separated into two separate areas. It doesn’t matter how many compartments or tanks are part of a septic system, but it is important that these tanks do not become so full that they overflow into the leach field. Septic Tank Cleaning Cedar Rapids IA, can clean out the solids that have accumulated in a septic tank. Septic tanks normally need to be pumped every three to four years. They may need pumping sooner if there are many people living in the home.

If the solids are not cleaned from the septic tank on a regular basis, they will push into the leach field and clog the pipes. When this happens, plumbing drains in the home begins to operate slowly or not at all. Smells from the septic system will begin entering the home. Roto-Rooter Sewer & Drain Cleaning can safely clean a home’s septic tanks without destroying the grass or landscaping around a home. Their experience in the industry can leave the homeowner rest assured that the system will be cleaned properly.

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