The many types of window coverings

by | Aug 5, 2015 | Windows And Doors

Window coverings are anything that can be placed on or surrounding a window, they can be either inside the house or outside. Windows in a home are the primary source of natural light, window coverings in Reno NV are used control how much natural light is allowed to stream into a room, window coverings are also used for privacy, and they can also be used to moderate the heat or cooling in a building. When window coverings are used as an integral component of a decorating scheme, they are referred to as “window treatments.”

The most common exterior window covering are shutters. Shutters are usually made from a wooden or PVC frame which holds either a full fit panel or slats. Typically, there will be two shutters installed on each window, one on either side, they are mounted on hinges which allows them to be easily opened or closed. When shutters are closed, they provide an excellent privacy and keep out a considerable amount of light.

Moving inside, drapes or curtains are perhaps the most popular window coverings in Reno NV. Curtains can be made from a wide variety of material, the thickness of which determines how effective the curtain is on darkening a room. The heavy material also prevents drafts which often come in around a window.

Sheer curtains or curtains made from a lace material are obviously not designed for privacy. These types of curtains allow the residents to see out, and they can somewhat blur an image from those on the outside looking in. Sheers are often used in cooperation with heavier drapes which either pull full width to cover the window or simply act as decorative side panels.

Blinds are very popular as a window covering. These blinds are made from a series of slats made from metal, plastic, and even wood. A number of slats are suspended from a top mechanism by a cord. The mechanism is such that the cord is pulled upwards to lift the slats, opening the window to full light or lowering the slats to reduce the amount of light. The slats can be rotated to full open or fully closed position.

Window coverings in Reno NV are usually an important part of an overall design scheme. Curtains are selected to compliment other colors in the room such as soft furnishings and carpeting. Blinds also are available in a range of colors to suit most décor.

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