Matching Door Materials To Applications

Selecting an appropriate commercial wood door material for a specific project requires that you do your homework. There are many options available and while the look and design will be what everyday users and building occupants see, the functionality of the door cannot be overlooked in the selection process. Many door materials are suited to specific applications. Take the time to identify what you need in terms of performance from a door and then go shopping for the material or surface that provides it, adding a design or color on from there.

One example of a specialized commercial wood door need would be hospitals or medical facilities where x-rays or other imaging machines (mammography scanners, CT scanners and more) are in use. Some doors, such as lead lined doors, can actually prevent the transmission of harmful rays into areas where they are not wanted.

Another specialized commercial wood door application would be in music education. This may be in elementary, middle or high schools or colleges or even in music studios. Doors can be designed and built with higher soundproof abilities than average doors. In a music school, for example, this would make it easier for multiple lessons to be taking place at the same time without interference. In an elementary school it would keep music sound in the music room and prevent disturbing other classrooms and activities. Additionally, doors rated higher for acoustical abilities can be good choices in hotels or apartments, keeping sound in residential quarters or rooms and out of hallways.

Fireproofing or fire resistance is another feature to consider in a commercial wood door purchase and installation. Government buildings or apartment complexes may need to be built for maximum fire protection. Fire ratings for doors are determined by the length of time a door can ideally prevent fire from getting through. Obviously, the longer the time a door can do this, the better to allow more time for emergency help to arrive for people who may be on the other side of the door.

These are just some examples of unique applications where a specific door material or construction would be required or would make a big impact on the end performance and satisfaction with the door. Be clear in the needs you have from a door when making your selection and that will help you narrow your choices and ensure you end up with the right door for your situation.

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