Considering the Option of Laminate in Topeka KS

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Home Improvement

After years of wall to wall carpeting, the homeowner is ready for a change. Since the carpet needs to be replaced anyway, why not think about the idea of going with some type of Laminate in Topeka KS? Here are some reasons why this approach could be the ideal solution.

Installation is Simple

After the old carpeting is removed and the floors are cleaned, installing Laminate in Topeka KS is not difficult. The design of the material means an entire room can be finished in a few hours. For people who like the idea of starting one morning with worn out carpeting and ending the day with a beautiful new floor, this approach makes a lot of sense.

Plenty of Styles

Laminate in Topeka KS comes in just about any style and color the homeowner can imagine. It is easy to achieve the look of a hardwood floor without having to go to all the expense. If the customer wants to go with a specific color that can be accented with the use of a rug or two, that can easily be arranged. It is even possible to get the look of marble if that is what the homeowner desires.

Simple Upkeep

Taking care of a laminate floor is not difficult at all. For day to day cleaning, the use of a dust mop is enough. The non-porous material means it will be easy to clean spills and not leave any type of stain behind. Using a product for a deeper clean now and then will ensure the floor looks great for decades.


Compared to the expense of some other flooring options, the laminate is worth a look. The cost is competitive with other options and offers benefits that some of those other types of flooring cannot provide. This means the homeowner can enjoy a quality floor without having to worry about how to cover the cost.

For homeowners who would like to explore this option further, visit Capital City Flooring Inc and take a look at the different designs for laminate flooring. It will not take long to find a style that will look great and happens to be well within the budget of the homeowner.

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