Save Heat & Save Money With Insulated Garage Doors

Smoker Door Sales provides garage door insulation Chester County and the surrounding areas. Garage door insulation has a list of noteworthy benefits, with control of heat and cold encroachment topping the list. Here are the basics to bear in mind when perusing your choices.

Why Insulated Garage Doors Are Fantastic

Garage door insulation Chester County saves energy and money. The less energy you use, the less your energy bills are. Garage door insulation keeps the cold out and traps heat, making for optimal ambient indoor heat levels that relieve stress on your HVAC system. This is especially true if your garage is attached to your house, beneath your living area or serves as a communal workspace.

Garage door insulation makes your garage doors more durable. The layer of insulation contributes another layer of reinforcement, making your garage doors all but impervious to wind and elements. An insulated garage also promotes the sort of “Goldilocks” indoor temperature that is ideal for the proper long term storage and care of your automobile, machinery and other belongings inside your garage.

Wood or Steel? Windows?

Your garage doors are as unique and personal as your home. Your garage doors should complement and/or match your home’s overall exterior in color, texture and sensibilities. Wood and steel are the two main garage door options. Both are highly sturdy and suited to a range of house types, periods, tastes and neighborhoods.

Our steel garage doors often come with a lifetime warranty. They are extremely sturdy, resistant to corrosion and withstand the elements year-round. Steel doors don’t require painting and staining, and some models come with a special grain pattern resembling fine, natural wood.

Our wood garage doors require annual painting and staining, but wood’s warm color and appearance convey classic elegance and a more organic vibe. Many of our garage door models include embedded windows to permit inflow of natural light and to heighten the doors’ aesthetic appeal.

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