3 Decisions to Make About Your New Wood Fence

by | Apr 8, 2019 | Fences and Gates

You’ve decided that a wood fence Gaithersburg MD is the ideal addition to your property. Now you have a few more decisions to make. With a little time and attention to detail, you can work with a contractor and come up with a fence design that offers all the benefits you want. Here are three things to consider closely.

The Type of Wood

Whether you plan on painting or staining the fence, go with the right type of wood. Many experts recommend Cyprus or cedar for this type of project. That’s because they tend to resist deterioration better than some other cut woods. The natural oils found in both choices are one of the reasons why the fence will last for more years.

The Fence Height

Do you want an ornamental fence that outlines your property and adds a touch of visual appeal? A picket fence design would work well with many different home styles. Perhaps you want to fence in the back yard and create a more private space. In that instance, you want the wood fence Gaithersburg MD to be tall enough to block the view of the yard. A contractor can help you settle on the right height while also making sure it complies with local codes.

Where to Place the Gates

You will likely want one or two gates included in the fence design. Where will they be placed and how large should they be? The type of fence you have in mind will answer the question. A simple wood fence Gaithersburg MD to encompass the grounds will likely need one gate that opens to the walkway leading to the front door and one that’s large enough to allow you to drive a vehicle into the back yard. With a privacy fence that encloses the area behind the home, two gates on each side of the house that are large enough to allow access by a truck will come in handy.

Would you like to have the fence in place by summer? Now is the time to start making plans. Call a contractor and work out the details. Once the fence is in place, you’ll see what an asset it is for the family and your property in general. For more information visit Capital Fence, Inc.

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