It is Time for Garage Door Spring Repair in Sanford, FL

by | May 28, 2020 | Garage Door Services

The majority of people don’t give much thought to their garage doors until they attempt to open them, and they don’t work. In many situations, issues with garage doors occur because of the springs. The garage door springs are tightly wound, which means they are under quite a bit of tension. If the springs break, don’t attempt a DIY garage door spring repair in Sanford, FL. If you do, you are putting your own safety at risk. There are some parts of the replacement process that can be quite dangerous, and this needs to be handled with precision and care. It is highly recommended that homeowners always call a professional for this type of repair or replacement.

Types of Springs on a Garage Door

There are two basic types of springs on garage doors. One is the torsion springs, which are attached above the closed garage door. The other type is the extension springs, which are on the sides and upper tracks of the door. Both of these can break, and need to be replaced if they do. However, garage door spring repair in Sanford, FL for either type of these springs can be dangerous.

Why Hire a Professional for Spring Replacement?

If the springs completely break or are making noise after they are lubricated, it is essential to call for professional help. Consider this; garage doors often weigh more than 500 pounds, and the springs are able to lift the entirety of that weight. This means the tension and strength of these springs is extremely intense. A single wrong move can result in the spring popping toward a person’s body, which can cause a serious or even fatal injury. There is no reason to take this risk when you can call the professionals for these repairs.

Don’t underestimate the power of garage door springs. If you need more information about hiring a professional, contact Business Name. You can also find information on their website. If you are informed, you will know when to call in the professionals.

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